another one

  1. Pigeon

    Appreciation Something to cheer you up in the middle of this mess...

    3.... 2.... 1...
  2. Pigeon

    Appreciation y u should stan txt

    1. they're cute 2 . nakyung suggests stanning 3 . jihoon suggests stanning so stan txt stan txt, park jihoon, and fromis_9
  3. Pigeon

    I need more ideas

    for Nakyung threads i need to spread the love and i need more posts for her badge and the rest of w1 give me ideas stan txt, park jihoon, and fromis_9
  4. Pigeon

    can people just let me be?

    i just wanna live a normal life with nakyung i mean if i ever saw her irl i would faint but yeah so pls
  5. Pigeon

    im not a fromis_9 solo stan or akgae

    just letting u know it's just that im heavily biased for nakyung like im obsessed RISE FROMIS_9
  6. Pigeon

    Appreciation ig im gg trash now

    bc fromis_9 is a girl group and drum roll please