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  1. VillageIdiot

    Teaser TWICE "Feel Special" Final Tracklist

    02 Rainbow: Nayeon 03 Get Loud: Jihyo & JQ 04 Get It: Dahyun & JQ 05 Rainbow: co-wriiten by <o,o 06 21:29: Written by Twice
  2. VillageIdiot

    Teaser TWICE 'Feel Special' NaJeongMo Photo Teasers

    NAYEON [09/11] JEONGYEON [09/11] MOMO [09/11]
  3. VillageIdiot

    Rumor 'Feel Special' 2yeon+Momo Hint

  4. VillageIdiot

    Comeback TWICE Releases 'Feel Special' Tracklist

    Ollipop has composed or arranged: SNSD: ALL NIGHT LOONA OCC: Girl Front LOONA OCC: Odd Front Nature: You'll Be Mine LOONA: Love Cherry Motion Red Velvet: Lucky Girl Red Velvet: Zimzalabim Everglow Adios Heyley Aitken has worked on the same musical projects as Ollipop + SNSD-TTS: Stay TWICE...
  5. VillageIdiot

    PD X 101 & YG Treasure Box Contestant Has Left YG

  6. VillageIdiot

    AOA Members After Leaving The Group

    Mina - Didn't renew her contract with FNC and left AOA in 2019. She joined O&Ent and is planned to promote as an actress. Choa - Left AOA in 2017. Whereabouts unknown except her Instagram updates thanking her fans for birthday ads once a year. Yookyung - Left AOA in 2016. Worked as an...
  7. VillageIdiot

    Why Ex-JYP Artists Never Work With Them Again

    Trans Recently on Radio Star where Sunmi guested, where the other castmembers couldn’t help but notice the effects that JYP Entertainment had on her. For one thing, the castmembers pointed out that her breathing pattern was really unique to listen to. They even compared it to a grasshopper...
  8. VillageIdiot

    Who Did It Better?

  9. VillageIdiot

    Appreciation An Unexpected Throwback

    Long before Naomi Scott starred in Aladdin, she got her start in Disney movie Lemonade Mouth, coincidentally playing a girl repressed by her strict upbringing and unable to express her true self Was one of my favorite movies as a kid and I didn't recognize her at all :wimwim: