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  1. LeeriaYa

    What is the first thing you want to do when COVID is controlled?

    Hello, Hai, Hai I’m on isolation till the 9th, and after catching Covid and being along with my thoughts so much. What are your plans when it becomes more controlled? When we can go back to a semi normal environment considering masks will possibly always be a thing. I think the first thing I...
  2. maruberry

    Appreciation 2 days to go!

    2 days to go until my love Hitomi turns 18 and I can make a thread I've been wanting to make about her for quite a while! Anticipate everybody
  3. A

    Let the theories begin

  4. Mangoey

    [HOT DEBUT/COMEBACK] New Kpop girl group "MESS"

    MESS is a 4 member girl group from BIGDICK entertainment and stands for "Multi East Slay Saturdays" (BIGDICK ent logo) The members: @ID16 (join ks omg) : Leader, Lead rapper, Variety member, big booty cf member Stage Name: I.D @Grazil : Main Dancer, Main rapper Stage Name: Graz @Discipline ...