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  1. CrunchyLegend

    Crunch on This: Top 50 Songs of February

    Continuing to catch up, this time with February's best songs. For kpop, at least, this is the calm before the storm that is the month of March. For other genres, it's business as usual, though with some particularly outstanding entries from the world of Korean hip hop. 💜 - Kpop 🎤 - R&B 🕶 -...
  2. CrunchyLegend

    Crunch on This: Top 50 Songs of January

    Now that I've had a chance to catch up on everything released so far this year, no thanks to my extremely broken Youtube subscription feed, it turns out that this hasn't been such a terrible year for Korean music at all, so I will be doing this series of posts ranking the top 50 songs each...