1. NeoSquare

    Appreciation No one talks about this so I will

    The retro vibes The vocals The chillness The visuals What a queen What a debut She seems to go for retro concepts and I loveee it
  2. mirella

    News AOMG to Launch Hip-Hop Audition Program

    Article from Soompi: here "The program, called 'Sign Here,' will aim to discover artists with wide-ranging talent—including rap, vocal, producing, and performing talent—to lead the next generation of hip hop in Korea as the newest member of AOMG." I can see why people would be...
  3. vogue

    Performance LOCO - Discography Live

    I just love this video. So much detail went into it. OOf I already am missing Loco
  4. mirella

    News AOMG signs producer Junior Chef and rapper Punchnello(?)

    Junior Chef's Instagram, he signed a few days ago. Great addition to AOMG's already-large roster of producers and DJs. Punchnello isn't 100% confirmed, but since his new track will be released under AOMG (it's on Insta and YouTube), it's safe to say he probably signed with them. 2019 just...
  5. vogue

    Teaser Woo Won Jae "CASH" Teaser

    OMG. Finally something new from him. So excited to hear this songs. Can't wait to overplay it like the rest of his songs.
  6. vogue

    Discussion Loco - It Takes Time

    Loco released a new bop just yesterday. I really would love to hear you opinion on this song.