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  1. bertvm

    I built a Kpop collection tracker for my gf, you can download it too

    During the job hunt after I graduated, my girlfriend proposed I should start on a small passion project for her. She was looking for an easier way to keep track of her kpop album collection. 3 months later, we can proudly present K library. maintain your kpop collection (albums & photocards)...
  2. rhslvkf

    Let me introduce kpop related apps.

    I have an app related to kpop. This app is not only my favorite kpop star, but almost all kpop stars of YouTube, sns, vlive, related sites are gathered, it is good to find it comfortably. You can download it from the link below and it's a free app so you can try it out. K-POP Star Collection
  3. Azar

    Do you love KPOP? If yes, this is for you!

    All your favourite Kpop music online in this app! Get it For Free On Playstore: " We can add radio stations according to your request" You can listen to Korean and Japanese, Chinese FM radio broadcasting and internet radio...
  4. Ashla_K

    News Loona realeases app for 1st gen Orbits

    I'm jealous af!!