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appreciate the appreciation

  1. Loki

    Appreciation Taeyeon's hair...

    Is looking GREAT it reminds me of PARTY! Taeyeon really can rock any hairstyle... That's law I really think she has a great style overall too Just look how beautiful she is and her beautiful hair tho :pandaamazed::pandalove:
  2. kuro

    bts or hyuna?

    this is the hardest decision of my life on june 6th, the sexiest thing in my life was born: kim hyuna and on june 12th, the sweetest boy group debuted: bts I was going to make a hyuna appreciation month next month for her birthday and then I realize my ult group's debut falls in june too so a...
  3. Chahee

    Appreciation saviortxt Thread title length must be at least 10 characters.

    @SaviorTXT what if TXT breaks all Twice achievs :sanapray::chickill::chickill: Yeah, I dont like dms