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  1. Nekone

    Appreciation My giant baby Zoa

    If there is someone that I would put in my pocket and use her as a charm Zoa comes to mind quickly She is my baby so much that she snatched my wig and put it back in place without me realizing She is my baby so much that when it's raining outside, there is cloud everywhere but not over me...
  2. Nekone

    Appreciation Chahee vs Bakemono

    It may seem surreal but, Jasq- I mean @Chahee has defeated several monsters. Can you believe that @Chahee had vanquish Dragons and insert other mythical creature within the spawn of 1 second? Jasq- oopsy I mean @Chahee is the true hero! Stan now our true Hero @Chahee! All Hail King...
  3. Nekone

    Appreciation Dahyun is magical

    Who can say otherwise? I mean, except that she could want otherwise tbh.