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  1. BlackpinkINSync

    why my god why

    why are those communities changed? @uran @Tsukino @Ahsoka
  2. Nobody4444

    Debut CONGB 'Em Đợi Anh Lâu Chưa?' Official M/V

    The Vietnamese contestant Nguyễn Thành Công who has been eliminated from the K-pop survival show Boys Planet just made his V-pop soloist debut working for the Vietnamese V-pop company Mustation Entertainment under his new stage name "CongB" : 16 December 2023 CONGB 'Em Đợi Anh Lâu Chưa?'...
  3. Nobody4444

    Movie "Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms" - New Chinese mainland live-action movie adaptation of the Chinese classic novel "Investiture of the Gods"

    9 September 2023 CREATION OF THE GODS I: KINGDOM OF STORMS Official Trailer | In Theaters September 22
  4. Nobody4444

    Information What do you think about the Korean SBS K-pop survival show Universe Ticket ? Is it rigged or not ?

    The girl above on the TikTok video is the Indonesian contestant Vanesya who was ranked in the top 8 at the 3th place on episode 1 then she was ranked at the 1st place on episode 4. The girl under on the TikTok video is the Vietnamese contestant Vũ Linh Đan who was ranked in the top 8 at the 4th...
  5. BlackpinkINSync

    I left a music group on facebook

    Because----- I mentioned kpop and some guy in his own words said "it's over manufactured rubbish" He jelly they make millions while he is a dead beat lol
  6. BlackpinkINSync

    AncestryDNA was accurate enough to me at least

    A good mix of european and asian. I do not see the issue at least for me It's a random draw plus your ancestors and such
  7. BlackpinkINSync

    I sound like my mother a lot when typing lol

    Like the way she speak English hit me lol Asian mum problems jkjk It's cute how I have to spell things for her as well <3
  8. BlackpinkINSync

    Out of 100 million family trees

    I found a tree with my mothers maiden name on it. Sadly the people(s) that operate it are never on, so it goes wanting. So it's either a talk to them or just wait.
  9. BlackpinkINSync

    I tried asking mum about her grandparents, she doesn't remember *cry*

    But to be fair, it has been 30 years as she told me. I guess I can only do father's side for now. long live ancestry forgetfulness :(
  10. Rockman

    Chart V-pop/Vietnamese pop groups

    V-pop boy groups : 1) Da LAB : Thức Giấc - Da LAB (Official Music Video) 2) 365daband : 365DABAND - BỐNG BỐNG BANG BANG | OFFICIAL MV (TẤM CÁM: CHUYỆN CHƯA KỂ OST) : 3) UNI5 : UNI5 | NÓI DỐI CẢ THẾ GIỚI VÌ EM | Official MV : 4) Monstar : MONSTAR - BADADU | Official Music Video : 5)...
  11. BlackpinkINSync

    18+ Best bootylicious butt out of Hyomin and Jiyeon T-ARA

    I was asked to by @Mr_Boogie He had a gun turned on me too apparently jk jk Anyways I am using the pix I showed him so vote away! Jiyeon Hyomin Enjoy, but not too much wink <3 @vogue @Vikki @Lady_Grey @Saythename17 @Jimmychimchim @JakeyWantsCakey @LiviaRaine @maruberry @Cosmic
  12. BlackpinkINSync

    Appreciation I just bought this new CD Paint it Blue by 'Sora Amamiya' 2020

    I usually wouldn't, but it releases tomorrow and there are only 4 copies left before restock. Waiting for another shipment would be a pain in the butt for me, so I took the chance. She is very popular too. So lucky I saw this online when I did. This is what it looks like. The regular...
  13. BlackpinkINSync

    Appreciation My music is looking greatly female <3

    So far so good got these artists and groups on there. Hope you will like them and recognise who they are like I do. Hehehe @vogue @Bookworm @Saythename17 @Jimmychimchim @kodoku
  14. Willow

    I am creating new playlists

    I was reading my old notebook and thought it was a good idea to continue my playlist project that I have started in 2016. Be free to tell me which playlist you are the most interested in and to recommend me some songs I can add in each of them. I will write down here my ideas and give you a...
  15. maruberry

    Which western kpop fandoms get along with their asian counterparts?

    It is normal that the Asian and the Western fandoms don't really get along... But there are some exeptions to this! I would like to bring out Western and Chinese NCTzens! The Chinese NCTzens literally subbed the WayV Happy camp episode for us! It was honestly so sweet and one of the most...