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ask me anything

  1. Violet48

    Ask Me My Top 3

    Because I lack creativity but I don’t mind it. You can ask me what ever top 3s you want! :pandatea:
  2. Reverie

    Ask me anything 🙃

    Im bored so yall can ask me anything you want :taemsip::hayshook:
  3. Rachel_Gardner

    My AMA (Ask Me Anything) I decided to make this, because I want to see it continue

    Ask me anything. I don't mind. I don't really talk much about myself anyways here. So please reply if you want to get to know me better. Thanks I was going to tag. But folks know me well enough here as it is. Being MOM and other things. So I didn't feel obligated. Okay I will tag now: Since...
  4. Tsukino

    I have posted 1k messages in May so far

    That is really impressive and I have already almost the double of threads posted compared to my alt account @Natsuka_Ojousama to celebrate my 1000th message, you can ask me anything :sanapray:
  5. NeoSquare

    I've never done this here so...

    I realized that I've never done an anon here. And I'm bored. Sooo Ask me anything.
  6. yminsane


    so this is an idea from someone , it is not original hahahah but i find it really fitting to post about. anyway , all of you that is interested , post an opinion about ANYTHING , literally ANYTHING , and i'll try to debate it i'm going to get a lot of hate hahahahahahahaha ill wait until all...
  7. MochiFace

    Intro The introduction of the most popular nugu

    i don't remember if i did one and i'm bored so i'll do an introduction now Personal information → Birth : 26/01/1998 → Birth place : A very small city in france → Boy → Study : Law student My physique : → Dark hair → Dark brown eyes → Metis → 182 cm ( i want to be taller :'( ) origins ...
  8. MochiFace

    ♥♥♥ Ask me anything ♥♥♥

    And yes there's no forms because i'm too lazy to make a forms :pandaroll::pandaroll::pandaroll: Ask me anything in comment and i'll answer to you