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  1. Abeamus

    News ATBO Jeong Seunghwan diagnosed with covid

    Hello, this is IST Entertainment. This is in regards to ATBO’s Jeong Seunghwan’s health and absence from scheduled activities. Jeong Seunghwan experienced mild cold symptoms early this morning (August 9), and he tested positive through a COVID-19 self-testing kit. After that, he took several...
  2. Abeamus

    Performance Atbo "Monochrome" Performance Version

  3. Yundubu

    Appreciation ATBO being praised by Atinys

    The fact that im in both fandoms... :jenniecry::jenniecry::sakUwu::sakUwu: They haven't even debuted and got a lot of compliments??? the power from a rookie group
  4. Yundubu

    Debut ATBO(에이티비오) DEBUT ALBUM [The Beginning : 開花] | July 27th

    The Beginning : 開花 All Updates from their debut on July 27th will be posted here.
  5. Yundubu

    Appreciation Happy Wonbin Day!!

  6. Yundubu

    Video ATBO Official VLIVE Channel Open!

  7. Yundubu

    News IST Entertainment confirms new member Won Bin to join ATBO!

    Bin has gained so much attention since the beginning of the show but he didn't make the cut. At least IST listened (for the third time again) and added a new member to the group <3 WELCOME BINNNNN
  8. Yundubu

    Group Start With Us! | ATBO [에이티비오] Official Artist Thread | 🖤🤍 Monochrome (Color) 🌈

    ATBO Official Artist Thread ATBO (At the Beginning of Originality) is a 7-member boy group under IST Entertainment. They were formed from the survival show "THE ORIGIN - A, B, Or What?". The group consists of Junseok, Junmin, Hyunjun, Rakwon, Seunghwan, Yeonkyu and Bin. They debuted in July...