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  1. FarAwayRocky

    What does it look like he is doing in the picture?

    I was thinking caressing San's adam apple... Well... this thread is very random. Check out the Rocky music video, if you haven't.
  2. Abeamus

    News Ateez Hongjoong diagnosed with Covid-19

    Hello. This is KQ Entertainment. This is to inform [you] that member Hongjoong has been notified of asymptomatic confirmation of COVID-19. ATEEZ recently returned to Korea from Amsterdam, which is the last city of the European arena tour, after confirming negative results for COVID-19 by PCR...
  3. FarAwayRocky

    Which kpop song would you use as a wedding song?

    For me, these two songs probably:
  4. FarAwayRocky

    Video Yunho and Seonghwa eating Spanish food

    Well... ordering stuff from a menu of a Spanish restaurant, not knowing what it is. This video makes me want to try something similar to this. I wonder if they also are going to do stuff like this in the other cities too.
  5. FarAwayRocky

    Some of my favourite kpop songs of 2022 so far

    I wasn't sure at first what should be my first thread after my introduction one, but these are some of favourite kpop songs of 2022 so far. This thread is one song per artist. On early July, I'm planning on making a similar thread. UP10TION - Pandora I prefer this over the title track. And I...
  6. Hakunama_Tata

    Teaser ATEEZ 'Beyond: Zero' concept photo (Seonghwa)

    Ateez announced their upcoming 2nd Japanese mini-album, titled 'BEYOND: ZERO.' It is set to be released on May 25th with Rocky (Boxers Ver) as the title track. Seonghwa's cocenpt photo: @Atiny
  7. sydsisco

    What Kpop songs are best played early in the morning?

    I think Answer by ATEEZ is a good song to start off my morning, what do y'all think? :dubuthink:
  8. sydsisco

    Write a terrible rap with me (Finish the lyrics) (No skill needed)

    Ayo check it You're bored af so you're on this thread Jay Why Pee makes me wish I was dead I'm chillin in school with all my peers My pile of work puts me in tears
  9. Chocochuuyo

    Appreciation Comment your fav idol vlog

    It can be more then one
  10. Abeamus

    News KQ Entertainment responds to reports that My Teen Girl song plagiarized Ateez Wave

    Hello, this is KQ Entertainment. After a group of contestants performed the song “SUN” in the first round of the finale for MBC’s “My Teen Girl” on February 27, the agency received multiple reports through official channels and emails that the chorus melody of the song copied the chorus melody...
  11. Abeamus

    Trading Ateez Jongho Valentines, Lisa Valentines or TXT Soobin Halloween

    Got these options in my first Limited reroll and I'm mainly looking for Chaeryeongs Valentines
  12. Reverie


    while watching one random video, Fireworks comes on, and I’m suddenly hit with a slap of nostalgia and I get the urge to listen to it in full. Then I check out other songs. I start feeling things. Next minute i want to restan. I’m currently crying to Treasure and thinking of the best way to get...
  13. K

    bubblegum pink seonghwa

    handsome cutie awww
  14. bunnyviolet

    Video ATEEZ 'The Real' MV Making Film

  15. bunnyviolet


  16. bunnyviolet

    New MV ATEEZ 'The Real' MV

  17. bunnyviolet

    Teaser ATEEZ - 'ZERO : FEVER EPILOGUE' preview