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  1. Saythename17

    Discussion WooSan Vs. WooSanHwa

    What do you choose? That's a hard question for ATEEZ OT8 stans, like me. Want some time to think lol
  2. eternallyrei

    Discussion I am officially a Yunho stan

    I go over to the **dark** side
  3. Saythename17

    Teaser ATEEZ 'THANXX' MV Teaser

    Ready ATINYs?
  4. eclipsoul

    News ATEEZ preparing for a comeback in July

  5. fanysmoon

    Appreciation haha 200626 wooyoung 😏😏😏

    200626 wooyoung is gonna make me act up bro 😳 😳 the entire world is in shambles
  6. VergereSone

    Dance Practice KCONTACT 2020 SUMMER Dance Practise teasers n other stuff

    So I posted KCON:TACT 2020 SUMMER Gfriend n Everglow dance practise n shout-out in their own artist threads, but ill do a round up of all the youtube videos i can find in this thread. So far i hv Chungha, Mamamoo, Itzy, Stray Kids, Tomorrow X Together, Cravity, Kang Daniel, Bvndit, JO1 (Jpn...
  7. xdreamsandflames

    Appreciation (bright) red hair showdown - joy (red velvet) vs hongjoong (ateez)

    (bright) red hair showdown: joy of red velvet (red flavour era) vs hongjoong of ateez (wave era) vs feel free to add more photos of either idol with their respective red hair if you want to!! (also joy's red hair will forever be iconic and that is why i personally think it's superior lol <3)
  8. eternallyrei

    Discussion Who is your Ateez bias(s)?

    My biases are Seonghwa and san But yeosang be lovin' to wreck me pink haired Yeosang is superior
  9. eclipsoul

    Cover "Purple Rain" cover by Hongjoong of ATEEZ

    in all honesty this was not what i expected it to sound like when i firstly heard it, but at the same time it's nice that he tried to add something instead of just trying to make it sound exactly like the original
  10. eternallyrei

    Discussion Who's your favorite member in Ateez and why?

    Honestly, my favorite member is Choi san. Mostly because he is very passionate on stage. He seems to turn the choreography into his own and I love that. I also love the fact that he is a duality god king.
  11. StrayKids1

    Discussion What's your favorite song by Ateez?

    My Favorite song is currently Answer!
  12. StrayKids1

    Discussion What would you do if Ateez member San walked up to you?

    I would stutter and be super awkward! :)
  13. eternallyrei

    Appreciation Is it bad that I'm obsessed with san's 'hala hala' fancam like jesus-

    Like can we just appreciate this adorable- sometimes demonic- person
  14. Ozymandias

    Discussion Ozy's 2020 SOTY masterthread

    Picking and choosing a SOTY or top 10 at the end of the year is fun, but hurts my brain. And inevitably, I end up missing something. So I'll be using this thread to keep track of what I liked and how much as and when they release or I end up checking them. I'll also update and change song...