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  1. Tiffany

    Announcement New feature - Upload Avatar by url.

    As usual, please report if there are any bugs.
  2. Darkseid

    [Quiz]: Depending on your Kpop taste, what kind of bender from Avatar the last Airbender would you be?

    For the first quiz on which idol on Instagram should follow you, click here. I found another quiz and this seems more fun. Share your results :sanapray...
  3. Ghostface

    GFX Qri from T-ARA (edit by me)

    I was working in photoshop and yeah. Was bored so I decided to make this set here. originals and edits as follows I usually work with smudging and other such techniques like blurring and all that. I used to render, but I got lazy with that lol feel free to critique or like or whatever's...
  4. Sun

    Appreciation Support the ultimate ship

    Romeo and Juliet who? Jack and rose who ? They’ll never be as dramatic as ☀️DARTH SUN AND QUEEN SASHI 🌖 LINK TO SUPPORT Support my project/Shop
  5. Sun

    GFX Request your ST icon!

    Inspired by @JarJarBinks I have decided to make a Star Wars themed icons for Free!! Just use this form to request Character: Mood: (happy/sad/serious) Format: (png/gif) If this doesn’t flop I might make it my official shop for graphics
  6. Rumi

    HUH! Krystal really looks like Azula from Avatar?

    I saw some fancasts of her as Azula on IG, if only she was 10 years younger... :llama_blush: She really looked like her during ''Electric Shock'' Era too.. VS. The Legendary... Princess Azula !!! I wonder who will be casted as Azula though? Eh, Who cares I'm excited either way! What...