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  1. Yili

    What's a bad movie that you like?

    "Bad" meaning objectively or subjectively cringey, something like that I've liked some movies that I rewatched and now I wonder about my taste as a child :susPepe: I suppose some people would say the old Barbie movies are bad but they still slap even when I'm this old :pandaamazed: The CGI...
  2. maruberry

    JYP has turned into what SM used to be at their worst

    They are falling into the same trap SM used to be in. A group is ultra-successful so let us milk them for everything they have, until they physically cannot anymore and then let us milk them some more. SM did that with EXO and JYP is now at that point with Twice. I very much doubt JYP will...
  3. onedaily

    What is your favorite Billie Eilish song(s)?

    Did you know her? Billie eilish is one of the youngest famous american artist rn My fav song is.. any recommedation(s)?