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  1. Hanni

    Intro hi im back

    Hi im the real Irene aka Bae Joohyun aka @Baechu 's wife. Hows everyone and what happend to my husband? :rjeat:
  2. Baechu

    Send me a song and I‘ll rate it

    Send me song, no matter what music. Doesn‘t have to be kpop but I mostly listen to kpop so there is a higher chance to get a better rating :pepesmug: my rating scale: 1 - unlistenable 2 - i don‘t like it 3 - meh 4 - not really feeling it 5 - it‘s average 6 - it‘s okay 7 - good 8 - ayy we...
  3. Darkseid

    Appreciation SIXNINE LET'S GET IT

    @Tir @Walnutt @AnotherKpopTrash @Baechu @perhapz @Ozymandias omg oppars why so sexy and popular and relevant and daebak :sj_weary: Let's appreciate KPS' national boy group and legends Sixnine, never disbanded and never forgotten :sanapray: Hapz don't join those putas from IDOTS. Baechu...
  4. Baechu

    Appreciation Baechu's first KS Anniversary

    Congratulations to me :queen: It's already been one year, I can't believe it :pepecry2: Time to be nice to people for one day :welp: and get that yearly dose of free likes Everyone is just getting one sentence, cuz I don't have that much free time :welp: And don't be sad if I didn't include...
  5. Baechu


    Rip to all Ireneisbaee fans out there :pepecry2: May he rest in peace... A new king has been born :queen::queen::queen: BAECHU :sanapray::sanapray::sanapray: maybe Ireneisbaee will have a comeback :welp: @bulletproof @Ozymandias @Tir @perhapz @AnotherKpopTrash @Walnutt @goyo @Jichuus...