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  1. Jewel

    Information Bang Yongguk will be doing an AMA on r/kpop

  2. seungfloral

    Video AITA for asking my fiancee to remove her kpop tattoo?

    My friend sent me this video the other day and we had some words to exchange. What do you guys think? If it was a tattoo of an ex maybe, but dude seems REALLY insecure!
  3. bulletproof

    News B.A.P. Himchan under investigation?

    Gosh I woke up to this and I can't believe it. At first they didn't reveal the member, but now we know it's Himchan. What do you think about this? I find it weird cause they have a few more contract months and they didn't have any scandal in 7 years. I'm really waiting for news xD