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  1. Danee

    Photo Berry Good spoiling their new mv styling with bunch of insta posts

    Taeha and her shiny eyebrows Johyun being the Once she is with her Pocari Sweat Seoyul with glittery cheeks Sehyung via Taeha's instagram since she doesnt have her own Gowoon joined too While Daye just got up from bed (not clear if she is participating in this round of promos)
  2. Danee

    Group [OFFICIAL IDOL THREAD] Good, good, Berry Good!

    Berry Good (베리굿) is South Korean girl group formed under JTG Entertainment (part of Asia Bridge Entertainment) and co-produced by late Joo Taeyoung, legendary first generation producent who stand behind national hit Forever Love (FinKL) or for example Tears (So Chanwee) and Com'back (Seschkies)...
  3. A

    MV BerryGood releases a funky OST for Spring Turns to Spring

    I love this, I want it on Spotify.