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bias group

  1. JakeyWantsCakey

    Would your bias group be Jedi or Sith?

    Would the members of your bias group sway more towards the side of good or evil? WAYV Kun - Jedi. I know he loses his temper with the others sometimes but I still think he would lean more towards the side of good although he'd probably have a purple or orange lightsaber lol Ten - Sith. He...
  2. maruberry

    B-side songs from your biasgroup non-fans should know!

    There are so many good songs, but usually most non-fans only know the title tracks, if even that! So post all the songs that deserve to be known by non-fans! EXO - Gravity This song is just amazing! It always makes me hyped and somehow emotional! Seventeen - Habit A duet from the Main...
  3. Yachii

    Inner conflict: Dreamcatcher vs PassCode

    I have been experiencing some kind of inner battle between two girl groups for my ultimate bias throne. They are Dreamcatcher and PassCode. Since the subjects of kpop and jpop tend to remain separated, I have never mentioned it before. However, it seems that I keep switching back and forth...