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  1. maruberry

    When every member of your biasgroup is attacking you at once

    What do you do? Because my brain is melting right now! Kai is just a god Kyungsoo shouldnt be allowed to sing EVER or talk! Talking is equally as bad! Chen really needs to do something about how his legs look like in leather jeans Chanyeols figure is unfair and I hate him for it + he isn't...
  2. maruberry

    Risky choices you wouldn't mind your biasgroup taking

    What are some risky choices you wouldn't mind you biasgroup taking! Here are mine for EXO... 1. Releasing another song like Mama. Mama kicks ass, I want more of that style! I think they would kill it! 2. Letting Kai do that scream-rap thing again! 3. Have kyungsoo be a rapper and last, but...
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation Tell me in 5 words why you love your ult group

    I will start things off... Seventeen - Woozi, Jihoon, VoBo, Leader, Talent EXO - Kai, Kyungsoo, talent, amazing music NCT - Babies, adorable, crackeads, no braincells