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big 3

  1. JakeyWantsCakey

    Discussion What are y'all expecting from Treasure's debut?

    What are you all expecting from their debut? All we've heard from them musically so far is Going Crazy and although I love that song, it feels a little outdated, probably because it was written a while ago and I'm really curious to see how YG pulls off a more innocent concept like the one...
  2. ripiasuju

    Discussion 'There is no big 3 anymore'

    This is honest BS!! Now they are adding bighit to the big 3 like COME ON HOW MANY SUCCESSFUL GROUPS HAVE THEY MADE? 1 AND A HALF? the big 3 status isnt from pure profit alone thats not what it means, I mean we have had companys like CUBE and FNC rival JYP but in the end the big 3 status has a...

    Discussion Which K-Pop company out of the big 3 do you lean towards the music of the most?

    I lean towards the music of YG the most, it's the only company out of the big 3 that i listen to nearly all the artists of, i never listen to JYP's music, and listen a little bit to SM, mostly EXO. What about y'all?