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big bang

  1. Hakunama_Tata

    News Big Bang got their 100th music show win

    MBC's 'Show! Music Core' announced the winner for this week's music show and Big Bang took home the trophy with "Still Life," marking the track's seventh overall win. The group has now accumulated a total of 100 music show wins throughout their career. Big Bang joins BTS, TWICE, EXO, and...
  2. Abeamus

    News Big Bang "Still Life" gets its 4th win on Music Core

    On the April 23 episode of “Music Core,” Red Velvet‘s “Feel My Rhythm,” BIGBANG’s “Still Life,” and IVE’s “LOVE DIVE” were candidates for first place. BIGBANG took home the win with 7,165 points, making this their fourth win for “Still Life.” Source
  3. Abeamus

    News Big Bang finished filming for their music video

    On March 16, a source from YG Entertainment confirmed, “BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, and Daesung recently completed filming the music video for their new song.” The source continued, “BIGBANG’s comeback preparations are progressing smoothly. We will inform you of the release date as well...
  4. raymondchouku

    Appreciation BB We Belong Together

    Consequently this is another one that you can't find on spotify :umjicry:
  5. JakeyWantsCakey

    News YG Entertainment says G-Dragon is getting ready to come back

    G-Dragon is gearing up to come back soon. YG Entertainment told YTN Star that G-Dragon was working on his upcoming song. A media outlet had revealed that G-Dragon was going back and forth between the studio in YG Entertainment, in YGX, and at The Black Label. It's been a long time since he has...
  6. JakeyWantsCakey

    News G-Dragon To Appear On The Cover Of Korean Vogue

    @VIP @Boy Group
  7. VillageIdiot

    Appreciation [Knetizen] 50 Longest Charting Idol Songs

    TOP 50 longest charting idol songs on Melon chart Boy group Girl group
  8. VillageIdiot

    News Big Bang Renews Contract With YG

  9. Abeamus

    Will Coachella be Big Bangs last performance?

    There's been no statement from YG saying if they've resigned and they were supposed to be having a comeback before Coachella which is in April and there's still no official details on a comeback. Do you think anything will get announced or will Coachella be their last performance?
  10. blueberries

    Photo I never thought long hair like this would suit him

    But he looks so cute with it! :jisoosmh: I hope he keeps it for Coachella, but I'm sure he will just color it blue or sth :lisalaugh:
  11. Abeamus

    Big Bang Tournament Final Scores

    Not being able to be stopped, Haru Haru made its way through defeating one opponent after another and went all the way with that including the very final match and became the champion song for Big Bang while remaining undefeated.
  12. Abeamus

    Tourney Fxxk It vs Haru Haru - R7 Big Bang Tournament

    Fxxk It stands at 2nd place and after a draw last round it now stands only as the last obstacle for deciding if Haru Haru gets a clean sweep or not, will Fxxk It be able to beat Haru Haru and end its clean sweep at the last hurdle or will Haru Haru go all the way to the end with a clean record...
  13. Abeamus

    Tourney Bang Bang Bang vs Fantastic Baby - R7 Big Bang Tournament

    Bang Bang Bang and Fantastic Baby have ended up tied for 5th place in the tournament with this match deciding which one will finish 5th, who will it be? Other Round 7 Matches Last Farewell vs Lies Blue vs Loser Fxxk It vs Haru Haru
  14. Abeamus

    Tourney Blue vs Loser - R7 Big Bang Tournament

    Blue is ranked 3rd and going up against one of the songs tied for 7th place being Loser, will Loser manage to beat Blue and prevent it from becoming 2nd or will Blue put Loser closer to finishing last? Other Round 7 Matches Last Farewell vs Lies Bang Bang Bang vs Fantastic Baby Fxxk It vs Haru Haru
  15. Abeamus

    Tourney Last Farewell vs Lies - R7 Big Bang Tournament

    It's the final round and Last Farewell is currently tied for 7th place in the table and going up against the 4th place song Lies, will Last Farewell win its last match or become closer to placing last while Lies gets closer to placing 2nd? Other Round 7 Matches Blue vs Loser Bang Bang Bang vs...
  16. Abeamus

    Tourney Bang Bang Bang vs Lies - R6 Big Bang Tournament

    Bang Bang Bang has started turning things around and managed to climb up to 5th place while its opponent is the 4th place Lies, will Bang Bang Bang beat Lies and become 4th or will Lies stop Bang Bang Bangs rise? Other Round 6 Matches Fantastic Baby vs Loser Haru Haru vs Last Farewell Blue vs...