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black label

  1. Darkseid

    Teaser They really spent MONEY on Somi's MV this time

    This is looking like the flashiest/most expensive MV we've seen in a while. So many outdoor locations, sets, costumes, even Blackpink MV while high budget was in a closed set. The Black Label seems to have gone all out for Somi's comeback MV this time, I hope the song is good enough to go along...
  2. Mayday

    Rumor Baskin Robbins under fire for sexualizing child model Ella Gross in recent CF

    A recent CF done by Ella Gross for Baskin Robbins has recently been gaining some negative attention. Neitzensare accusing BR for "sexualizing" the 10 year old star, as the camera zooms in on her mouth as she eats the icecream. Hours after the release, the advertisements were quickly taken down...