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blackpink is the revolution

  1. VillageIdiot

    Appreciation DiplomatPink

  2. Xeulgi

    New MV BLACKPINK - 'Pink Venom' MV

  3. SeulPika

    Photo Simping some more for Jennie

    JUST LOOK AT HER!!! :sj_weary: I won't ever stop simping for Jennie Kim!!!!!!!! :jenniesmug: @Blink @Girl Group
  4. SeulPika

    Appreciation SK President recognises Blackpink's achievements

    Blackpink getting the recognition that they so rightfully deserve!!! Here's looking forward to 2021 and even more achievements from the global girl group!!!! @Blink @Girl Group
  5. VillageIdiot

    Appreciation Facts? Facts

  6. VillageIdiot

    News InfluencerPink

  7. VillageIdiot


  8. VillageIdiot


  9. SeulPika

    News Blackpink sells out Tokyo Dome

    予定販売終了 - SOLD OUT Who the hell sells out the 55,000 capacity Tokyo Dome with only 13 songs? That's right. The answer is Blackpink!!! Haters thought that Blackpink wouldn't be able to sell the tickets. But J Blinks have pulled through and are showing everyone why Blackpink are the...
  10. VillageIdiot

    News Say It With Me Now

    Blackpink Is The Revolution
  11. SeulPika

    News The next CEO of YG

    Now that Papa YG is gone :queen: And hopefully his brother will follow suit soon...... :sanapray: I nominate Jisoo to be the next CEO of YG! Beautiful ✅ Intelligent ✅ Well mannered ✅ Considerate and thoughtful ✅ A mother's mentality ✅ Isn't a misogynistic rat ✅ Kim Jisoo is the only...