1. blurryface

    Appreciation 3,333 messages

    okay so i dont have 25k messages as @sweetener - wait its 26k now but here i am WITH 3,333 MESSAGES YEY :pepeheart::pepeheart::pepeheart::pepeheart: *greenheartu* for everyone :sanapray:
  2. blurryface

    you are bored so am i

    so, which one describes me more for you; 👺: Clown, popular, chaotic, funny, never shuts up. 😳: Soft, shy, friendly, cute, sweet, baby, 10/10 would protect. 💫: Crush, love talking to, girlfriend material. 🌦: Intimidating, hard to approach, cold, scared to DM. :nobully::nobully::nobully:
  3. blurryface

    uuuuum, hi?