1. Vrose

    New MV 2 years since this came out

    I still believe that this is their best era :sanapray:
  2. Brat

    Appreciation NCT Dream dance/rap line parts

    :dubuwave: Finally a 50s part for Jeno and more parts for them.
  3. mysteric

    So Boom is almost at 5million

    stream Boom Anyways, idk if it’s been said before, but what’s your favourite part of the MV? Also, Boom has been trending in Canada for a while now (dropped to 5) so how is it doing where you are? Peace out y’all, mysteric
  4. marublade

    Appreciation are NCT Dream Boom lyrics about me?

    To  you, my sweat is heavy rain - Very true... It truly is like that! Your eyes react faster than your mind - My mind isn't capable of catching up to the rudeness I am seeing Now  we're overwhelmed with too much excitement - I'm almost permanently overwhelmed by idols... The  dancing child...
  5. mysteric

    News Boom is now NCT’s record holder for most views in 24h

    Stream Boom 💀 Peace out y’all, mysteric
  6. marublade

    Appreciation Kun-mama promoting his baby Dreamies

    In Kun we trust! He would never let us and his babies down! :sanapray:
  7. marublade

    Appreciation The Dreamies are gods of spoilers

    it is the way they give spoilers. They give a LOT and all the while are trying to stop eachother from giving them, with that only making more obvious what's a spoiler! I love it so much! I think in this vlive we got at least a spoiler per minute! PS: Asking if there's rope to tie Chenle up? A mood!