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boy gorup

  1. RainbowDevil

    Boy Group tier list by a BG stan

    The list is fully in order btw, so from left to right they are essentially ranked from 1 to 100 (or whatever) I refrained from going extremely nugu just so the list wasn't ginormous (some groups were also missing and I was too lazy to make my own template) Imma do a gg one in a bit, it'll be a...
  2. maruberry

    have gg choreos stagnated?

    I've been on a dance practice youtube spree and I thought about this... It's been long since a gg choreo REALLY wowed me. Since I saw a gg dance that when I watched it I felt something or I looked at it and went WOW. Compared to the boygroups who seem to be always trying to outdo each other, I...