1. soobworld

    Do you prefer a dark concept on gg or bg?

    I think it's cool on either, but if I had to choose it would be bg's. What's your opinion? :wonugl:
  2. soobworld

    Concepts you don't like?

    I can't stand the cutesy concept, whether done by boy groups or girl groups, I just can't stand it.
  3. soobworld

    New kpop group recommendations??

    I would love it if you guys recommended me some new groups. Both boy and girl groups. :lovelycooky:
  4. soobworld

    What are your favorite boy group(s)?

    Mine are TXT, ATEEZ, BTS, Oneus, EXO, GOT7, AB6IX, Stray Kids, and MONSTA X. I think that's all?
  5. marublade

    4th gen GGs are outdoing the BGs by a long mile

    In my opinion the girlgroups that have been debuting in the past year or so have been far superior to the boygroups. In the past 2 years literally NO new boygroups have caught my eye. I've been waiting to see a group that makes me WANT to stan them right away. The girlgroups on the other...
  6. marublade

    Maruif briefly describes boygroups

    EXO - Bodyrolls have learnt how to sing BTS - Bad boys got poetic and turned into good boys NCT Dream - We are supposed to be the cute and innocent ones (Hint: They're not) NCT 127 - Our songs are not about sex (Hint: They are) WayV - Our songs are about sex Seventeen - Flowerboys in love...
  7. Discipline

    Favourite Song of 2019?

    So far, my favourite has been; Twit by Hwasa What about you?