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  1. Nobody4444

    MV THE STARS - Official MV Theme Song | Anh Trai "Say Hi"

    5 June 2024 THE STARS - Official MV Theme Song | Anh Trai "Say Hi"
  2. Nobody4444

    Debut CONGB 'Em Đợi Anh Lâu Chưa?' Official M/V

    The Vietnamese contestant Nguyễn Thành Công who has been eliminated from the K-pop survival show Boys Planet just made his V-pop soloist debut working for the Vietnamese V-pop company Mustation Entertainment under his new stage name "CongB" : 16 December 2023 CONGB 'Em Đợi Anh Lâu Chưa?'...
  3. Nobody4444

    News Singers of Vietnamese descent in non-Vietnamese language music

    J-pop : Singers of Vietnamese descent on the J-pop scene based in Japan that are no longer active on the J-pop scene : - Tu Ngọc Phương Chị (秋玉芳姉) (full Vietnamese) also known as Fonchi (フォンチー) by the Japanese from the Japanese J-pop Idol girl group Idoling!!! and the Japanese J-rock Idol girl...
  4. maruberry

    Appreciation The world is unfair

    So I was like wondering... WHERE ARE ALL THE HOT GUYS AT? The only hot guy I can think of who I know irl is my brother! So where are all the hot guys at? I want my irl Kai to appear like right about now, bcs I've been looking at debut-era Kai pictures and damn that boy was (and still is) fine...