brand reputation

  1. Abeamus

    Proof that brand reputation rankings are complete nonsense

    Wanted to make something like this for a while however I didn't have the right idea of how to do it but now I do thanks to the June Girl Group rankings. These rankings were made from data took between May 13th and June 13th which would've encompassed everything around Gfriends disbandment yet...
  2. izcream

    News may individual girl group member brand reputation ranking

    Check out the Top 30: Oh My Girl’s Arin Red Velvet’s Irene BLACKPINK’s Jennie Oh My Girl’s Hyojung Oh My Girl’s YooA Oh My Girl’s Jiho Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Red Velvet’s Joy Oh My Girl’s Seunghee Apink’s Son Naeun BLACKPINK’s Jisoo APRIL’s Naeun Oh My Girl’s Binnie GFRIEND’s Sowon...