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  1. Yonk

    what would you rate your spelling on a scale of 1 to 10

    literally 0 i generally thought grammar was grammer for the longest time- :sadcat:
  2. Yonk

    What are your worst misheard song lyrics?

    mine is a little nsfw :wimwim: so ima pass on this one
  3. Yonk

    What is your honest opinion on all the accusations/scandals currently?

    Its getting out of hand of how many accusations/rumors that are happening rn and it doesnt help that jisoo's(actor)scandal was uncovered, tbh at this point might as well delete twt
  4. Yonk

    how long are you usually on ks?

    for me i would say the whole day :wimwim: i may have an addiction
  5. Yolks


    :BREAD::BREAD::BREAD::BREAD::BREAD::BREAD::BREAD::BREAD::BREAD::BREAD::BREAD: :yolk::yolk::yolk::yolk::yolk::yolk::yolk::yolk::yolk::yolk::yolk: Welcome to @ilovebread and @Yolks Breakfast Club Anon! Come and get some Bread and Eggs for your breakfast~ CLICK ON THIS PIC :chickill...