1. P

    Appreciation My twin is having a kid with his twin gf

    Yes as the title says, she the gf of my brother is pregnant. Been for a month. Hilarious thing is, he told the family dog before he even told humans and she can't even talk lmaooo. Hurray for pregnancy and twins <3 He got there before me, but that was always going to happen lol
  2. marublade

    Rumor The idol with the most western connections

    Is definetly Lay! BTS has the most fans, but Lay has the most celebrity friends! It seems like these days we are getting to know more bro's of Yixing every few months! 0:54 - 1:06 Yixing calling Asap Ferg his bro 1:15 not bro this time, but Yixing calling Khalid cute!