1. blueberries

    Buddying in bandwagon

    Buddymeters seem to be in trend again and it has been a while since my last one so here you go. I wonder if it's easier or harder than the last one :) @Ozymandias and @emanresu had highest scores in that one, tieing with 7, so that's the score to beat I guess ^^...
  2. VillageIdiot

    You Will Not Get More Than 4

    Bet :susPepe: Tagging peeps
  3. marublade

    You say you love me... So answer these questions to prove it!

    I'm doing this again! @blurryface let's see if you can do any better! https://buddymeter.com/quiz.html?q=M885AqE @Jimimis, my faithful 1st daughter @kuroyuri snakeu, prove your worth @Crackhead my soulmate @Seokjin and @crybaby my wonderful grandbabies
  4. blueberries

    Back on buddywagon

    First chance for some, second for others- how well do you know me here? ^^ BuddyMeter -How Well Do You Know Your Friend? I tried to be fair and include stuff i have actually mentioned somewhere- don't try to cheat though it's not worth the trouble :chickill: Good luck! :pandalove: