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  1. Myth

    New MV NADA 'Bulletproof' MV

  2. kuro

    Appreciation 10 reasons why @bulletproof is the best

    aunt mom :nekolove: I'm such a flop don't mind me :wimwim: @bulletproof ------------------------------------------------------------- 1) she's a great army one of the best armies on this site :maheart: 2) she's an even greater leader GO TARGARYEN :queen: 3) she's good at remembering things...
  3. Darkseid

    Appreciation HAPPY BIRTHDAYY @bulletproof !!!

    People of KpopSource, rejoice! For it is the most joyous of occasions, our beloved super graphics purple mod @bulletproof's birthday!! :sj_weary: Obviously since you're graphics head Dii, this thread can only begin with the most amazing of banners- unfortunately I suck and came up with this...
  4. kuro

    Appreciation how to make a @bulletproof

    @bulletproof uwu @blurryface smh also p u r p l e
  5. Laursynct

    Appreciation Jungkook is an amazing person

    I think jungkook is an amazing person and performer He's has a great vocal technique and I love his voice it so sweet and soothing He's one of the best singers in bts He's also a good song writer He's also a sweet and funny person and seems very close with his members that he loves and...