1. nyaajooe

    All these bullying accusations are going to give me gray hairs.

    please stop reposting these damn articles, for the sake of my health :sanapray:
  2. SoftGirlSummer

    News Surviving B Irene - A Mess Thread

    Recently, there has been a commotion in anonline community as a post from a photoshoot editor exposing the rude action of a celebrity was shared. On October 20th, editor Kang Kook Hwa, famous for being a visual director for many famous pictorials, posted a lengthy post on her Instagram...
  3. Kat_in_the_box

    Sensitive I just realised how few friends I had in high school (they were mostly all bullies)

    Like years later when I reflect on it. The people that said they were my friends, Always made fun of me and called me stupid pet names and stuff all the time. That's not friendship to make someone else feel crappy and uncomfortable, that is bullying... I only realise it now, having had a better...
  4. marublade

    What happened in the Taeyong bullying scandal [An explanation for the uninformed]

    So the picture has become quite clear to me now. Taeyong bullied a person B at school, calling her names and making fun of her looks Another person A who went to the same school came out and talked about it. Taeyong apologized to B personally and the victim B got compensated as well. (Hasn't...
  5. marublade

    Should NCT's Taeyong leave the group

    Korean NCTzens are demanding Taeyong leave the group, because the constant bad rumours about him are bringing down the group From the scamming to the bullying Honestly by this point.... I think they need to either sue and prove once and for all Taeyong isn't guilty Have Taeyong do a big and...