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  1. RockyGoose

    Video That one time Voisper covered a Bursters song

    I remember being kind of shook when that happened. Like Voisper wasn't a metal or rock group. And well.. Bursters' Daegun liked that cover or at least he commented "❤😍" to the video on Instagram. They used to be label-mates until Voisper disbanded. And I knew about Bursters because of Voisper.
  2. dubudae

    [Have You Met] Introducing Bursters

    Banner by @Yili Artist Suggested by @Vikki Bursters are a K-Rock band that officially debuted on February 16, 2015, with the song Whenever You Call Me in the mini-album Independent, under Evermore Music. There are five members; Junyong, Gyejin, Taehee, Daegun, and Hwanhee. The fandom name is...
  3. Yachii

    Appreciation Bursters on music shows

    @Vikki told me a few days ago about Bursters going to music shows among kpop groups. It's good seeing a real rock band get some exposition; and they are quite different from what's usually seen.