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but fun though

  1. RainbowDevil

    Why shouldn't i kill you?

    Tell me your reasons for me not just shooting you now Like imagine i'm in an unbreakable box that has see-trough walls and none of you can pull any Wushu sht and kill me or smn And i have a gun And i can shoot trough the box And y'all are trapped in the room with me Plead for your lives I'm...
  2. Wicked

    18+ KS Thirst Squad.

    We need one just because. A squad of the thirstiest stans of their Ultimate Bias. Is it it a useless squad? Heck yes. But who cares! Spam your thirst for your idols in here. EXPRESS YOUR THIRST. EXPOSE YOURSELF. ( but still abide by our forum rules, thanks. ) MEMBERS: ❤ @Jimin the...