calvin klein

  1. Darkseid

    18+ Hyuna X Calvin Klein (Lingerie shoot)

    Hyuna has teamed up with Calvin Klein and this photoshoot reminds us again that after all these years, the OG Queen still reigns supreme. One of the hottest photoshoots by a Kpop idol in a while. Queen still got it :nekosweat::sj_weary: Tags:
  2. marublade

    18+ HOLY mother of JEsUS F***K Yixing WDYD???!!

    OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD, FUCK FUCK FUCK I CANNOT! I am never fucking ready for these!
  3. marublade

    18+ Lay is now the ambassador for Calvin Klein! [18+ cuz there's pictures of Lay only in... underwear...]

    I mean..... HAWT! Also that man represents so many big companies by now it ain't even funny!