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  1. QueenB

    Appreciation "I love beautiful women" especially in pretty dresses

    My day was spent looking at the pictures from the Cosmo Glam Night ~my favorite photos~
  2. Emanresu

    TV Anyone Have Any Romantic C-Dramas Or T-Dramas To Recommend?

    Anyone Have Any Romantic C-Dramas Or T-Dramas To Recommend? I'm itching to get into a Chinese or Taiwanese drama. Haven't watched one in awhile. Anyon have any recommendations? I love romantic ones. Or dramas where the relationship is the primary focus! Other than that I'm pretty open...
  3. LordXue

    TV To Be a Better Man (C-DRAMA)

    Details Genre: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family Chinese Title: 好先生 English title: To Be a Better Man Director: Zhang Xiaobo Staring: Sun Honglei, Wang David, Maggie Jiang, LAY, Gabrielle Guan, Che Xiao Episodes: 42 Status: Complete (available on YouTube to watch with English...
  4. Tiffany

    TV Martial Universe (C-DRAMA)

    A tv show i am currently watching atm, it has quite an interesting plot, i recommend you guys to watch it. Synopsis A mysterious seal introduces male protagonist Lin Dong to the art of cultivation, and he travels across the lands in order to hone his skills. He meets two vastly different women...