1. P

    I have to eat all these chocolates by my lonesome

    Since no kiddy winks came to my joint to partake in chocolate handouts. I already ate one bag. Kind of depressing because I had some hope they'd rock up? From the lip s to the hips I suppose :o @vogue @Jimmychimchim @Saythename17 @Lady_Grey @LiviaRaine @Yachii @gayzone @JakeyWantsCakey
  2. marublade

    Appreciation My stash of chocolate

    Today I went to the store with my mother and since I knew my period was gonna start right about today (it did) I made sure to stash up on a lot of chocolate to last me through it all. (since we won't be going to the store until friday the earliest) AND this be the stash that I got! 4 kinder...
  3. sandwich

    Favorite Ice Cream?

    Chocolate and oreo ice cream 😊 also like the coffee ice cream!