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  1. OnlyCalB

    Performance Chungha 'Bicycle' and 'Gotta Go' @ Sketchbook 21.02.19

    Chungha @ Sketchbook 21.02.19 'Bicycle' 'Gotta Go'
  2. OnlyCalB

    Performance Rain (feat Chungha) 'Why Don't We' @ Studio Choom

    Rain (feat Chungha) 'Why Don't We' @ Studio Choom
  3. OnlyCalB

    [Dance Practice] Chungha 'Bicycle'

    Chungha 'Bicycle' Choreography
  4. OnlyCalB

    Chung Ha 'Bicycle' MV Behind #02

    Chung Ha 'Bicycle' MV Behind #02
  5. OnlyCalB

    Chung Ha 'Bicycle' MV Behind #01

    Chung Ha 'Bicycle' MV Behind #01
  6. OnlyCalB

    Performance Chungha 'Bicycle' @ KBS Music Bank [21.02.26]

    Chungha @ KBS Music Bank 21.02.26 'Bicycle'
  7. OnlyCalB

    Performance Chungha 'Bicycle' @ Mnet M Countdown [21.02.25]

    Chungha @ Mnet M Countdown 21.02.25 'Bicycle'
  8. OnlyCalB

    Performance Chungha 'Bicycle' @ SBS inkigayo [21.02.21]

    Chungha @ SBS Inkigayo 21.02.21 'Bicycle'
  9. OnlyCalB

    Performance Chungha 'Bicycle' Performance @ Studio Choom

    Chungha - Bicycle [Studio Choom]
  10. QueenGirlCrush


    Was confusing, at least to me. I think what confused me was that Chungha released so many songs one after another with music videos, especially her collaborations. And then the official pre-releases had some gaps in between them because she got sick. Idk I just feel like it’s overload and not...
  11. OnlyCalB

    Appreciation Chungha 'Dream Of You' Behind Video

    CHUNG HA (w/ R3HAB) - 'Dream Of You' Behind Video
  12. romisk

    Fanart My new/old project

    I've been ranking my top 20 favorite k-pop/j-pop songs of the week for 12 years and finally decided to take it to youtube, i don't have the best editing skills in the world but i tried my best, hope you guys can enjoy it: Any tips or suggestions are welcome!
  13. RainbowDevil

    MV Chung Ha - Play (feat.Changmo)

    Play you on repeeeeaaaatttt My replay button:
  14. Suzy

    MV Rich Brian & Chung Ha - 'THESE NIGHTS' MV Released!

    For some reason I wasn't expecting to like this but I ended up loving it. It's really good!