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  1. victorious

    Problems at church

    Problems at old church Hi This girl name H didn’t wanna talk to me anymore all because I tickled her and her mom and she told me to stop tickling her and I keep doing it. I can’t believe that she would say that she don’t want to talk to me ever again over that. So preposterous. I guess the...
  2. victorious

    How close are you with your friends?

    its been a long time since 2017, They never answer my calls or respond to my text messages ever since I met them in 2014. Maybe I made a mistake for attending Harvesters then. They only message them uncomfortable or for being aggressive for not answering my calls or responding to my text and...
  3. victorious

    Bored of out my mind

    soo 3 three people blocked me and 1 unfriended me on fb for no reason. A, M, J and K never responded to my messages. Maybe Ill just talk to them at the Animezement next year to get them to talk to me because im getting sick and tired of people blocking, ignoring my messages and unfriending me...