1. Abeamus

    If you could only wear one colour of clothes

    Which colour would you pick to wear? :susPepe:
  2. marublade

    Clothes more male idols need to wear more

    1. Off shoulder shirts. GIVE ME men... wearing off shoulder shirts. I love shoulders and they need to show them to me! 2. The classic... Skirts and dresses! 3. the combination! off shoulder shirt + skirt or off shoulder dresses! Those are the 3 things I need to see more, stylists take note!
  3. kuro

    fav. type of kpop merch?

    so what is it? I personally have two sweatshirts and three albums lol with exactly zero lightsticks because I'm broke, but I love my albums to death <3 I have a lot of posters though :queen: