1. Jimin

    What’s your flavor of coffee?

    What is your go-to for coffee? Do you think it says something about you or your personality? Or do you think it’s telling you that you’re a basic bitch? and if you don’t like coffee WHY ARE YOU HERE, GO AWAY HEATHENS. YOU’RE NOT INVITED.
  2. marublade

    Appreciation this NEEDS to be made into an emote

    This picture is too iconic to NOT be an emote!
  3. Reo

    Announcement Official KPopSource Spotify Playlist(s)

    Hello everyone! A few days ago we decided to start creating KPopSource Playlists with songs chosen by our staff. I want to introduce you to our very first Playlist "Coffee Shop Vibes" The playlist(s) won't necessarily only have K-Pop songs on it, rather K-Music in general, we will try to...