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  1. BeomgyutiePie

    Tourney BTS collab tourney R3 - Dream Glow vs. Butter

    Both of these songs have yet to score a win, until now! Which one will it be, though? You have no more than 24 hours to pick a winner.
  2. BeomgyutiePie

    Tourney BTS collab tourney R3 - On vs. Make It Right

    On and Make it right were both champions in round 2, but now they're stacked up against each other! Who will take its next win? Your 24 hours of voting starts... right now!
  3. BeomgyutiePie

    Tourney BTS collab tourney R3 - My Universe vs. Mic Drop

    In the previous round, My Universe won by a longshot (4-0) and developed a winning streak, but Mic Drop lost for the first time in the tournament. Will My Universe keep its streak going, or will Mic Drop reclaim victory? You have 24 hours to vote!
  4. BeomgyutiePie

    Tourney BTS collab tourney R3 - Idol vs. Boy With Luv

    So, so sorry for the massive delay, y'all! After changing my username from Hopewrecked, I was too embarrassed to post much of anything, but I'm back! Anyway, Idol was two votes shy of snagging its first win last round (2 votes vs. Make It Right's 3), while Boy With Luv now has two wins under...
  5. BeomgyutiePie

    Tourney BTS collab tourney R2 - Boy With Luv vs. Butter

    Both of these titles start with a B, and they each have a loss under their belts. Who will be the "Queen B" (pun) and win this round? Your vote will decide, and you have 24 hours to do it.
  6. BeomgyutiePie

    Tourney BTS collab tourney R2 - Make It Right vs. Idol

    Neither of these tracks has a win so far; Idol lost big time to Mic Drop, and Make It Right tied with Dream Glow. Who will take its first win? Your 24 hours starts... right now!
  7. BeomgyutiePie

    Tourney BTS collab tourney R2 - My Universe vs. Dream Glow

    My Universe won last round, while Dream Glow ended up tying with Make It Right. Will Dream Glow get its first win or will My Universe retort to its opponent, "In your dreams!" (pun) and develop a winning streak? Voting closes 24 hours from now.
  8. BeomgyutiePie

    Tourney BTS collab tourney R2 - Mic Drop vs. On

    Mic Drop swept the board last round with a whopping six votes over Idol's zilch, but now it's up against another big winner - On! You have 24 hours to vote for your favorite between these two.
  9. BeomgyutiePie

    Tourney BTS collab tourney R1 - Butter vs. My Universe

    The lyrics to these tracks are completely in English. My Universe is technically Coldplay's song featuring BTS, but I'm putting it in the tournament anyway! lol You have exactly 24 hours to vote! Butter: My Universe:
  10. BeomgyutiePie

    Tourney BTS collab tourney R1 - Dream Glow vs. Make It Right

    Dream Glow isn't from a regular album (it's from the BTS World OST), and the collab version of Make It Right didn't "make it" (pun intended) onto the MOTS: 7 album. Is the first one your "dream glow", or does the second one "make it right" for you? You may vote until 24 hours from now, so 8:22...
  11. BeomgyutiePie

    Tourney BTS collab tourney R1 - Boy With Luv vs. On

    Not only do these songs both feature female singers (Halsey and Sia, respectively), but they also both contain the "na na na" sound somewhere in the lyrics. Which should come out on top, in your opinion? Your 24-hour voting window starts... right now! Boy With Luv: On:
  12. BeomgyutiePie

    Tourney BTS collab tourney R1 - Mic Drop vs. Idol

    These two songs each feature a rapper - Desiigner on Mic Drop and Nicki Minaj on Idol! Which do you think should win this round? You have 24 hours to vote! Mic Drop: Idol:
  13. xdreamsandflames

    Audio LEE HI - Special ft. Jennie Kim

    the song was released in 2013 before blackpink's debut but lee hi just uploaded this audio on her official youtube channel on april 20, 2020 (so 4/20 :jenniesmug: ) her VOCALS and jennie's RAP hdhjsdfhjsf, name a more iconic duo i'll wait such queens omg (i can't believe youtube didn't...
  14. maruberry

    I need a short kings collab

    A collaboration stage or song with male idols who are shorter than 170cm! It just NEEDS to happen! I would nominate as the members: SVT's Woozi (164 cm) - the leader iKon's Jinhwan (165 cm) SKZ's Changbin (167 cm) Sungwoon (167 cm) Block B's Taeil (167 cm) Pentagon's Jinho (168 cm) SKZ's...
  15. HopeOnTheStreet

    MV BTS (방탄소년단) 'Make It Right (feat. Lauv)' Official MV

    I like this version more than the original. :sj_weary: MV is dedicated to army, my feels :maheart::maheart:
  16. HopeOnTheStreet

    Teaser J-Hope and Becky G teasing collab

    They started to tease the collab :pepeheart: :sippinthetea: :jenniesmug: BTS even retweeted the first tweet from Becky :sippinthetea: It's coming :rosesmug: :sanapray:
  17. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation There should be more collabs...

    ... between ggs and bgs. I need another legendary performance like this one: (Jeongyeon & Vernon focus)