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  1. leesooman

    Appreciation its Wednesday but Tuesday is better than Monday

    cause queen yeri said so :queen: her vocals with giant pink's deep raspy voice is the perfect way to start off any day. yerim is coming for your wigs, i have a feeling the next rv comeback will be her era. :maheart:
  2. melancholia

    ANON ♡ Ms.Know-It-Ali♡

    do you have a problem? do you need advice? ~*then you came to the right place*~ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- press the gif above MS.KNOW-IT-ALL WILL HELP side note: this is not an anon, you just have to send in your problems and i give advice
  3. notthatmarko

    MV Minseo is back in a cute collab with Paul Kim for "2cm"!

    I love Minseo, this is beautiful.