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  1. maruberry

    Appreciation SM really cannot stop working with Soyeon

    Honestly the amount of collabs Soyeon has with SM idols makes it almost seem like she IS an SM artist lmao I mean I ain't mad at that, all the collabs have slayed, but it's just funny.
  2. maruberry

    Appreciation The only good BTS x western artist collab

    I don't like the majority of BTS's western artist collabs. They just ain't working for me, bcs well... it's like the western celeb is there just to be there and don't make the song any better. My policy with collabs is that if I like the version of the song without the collab more than the one...
  3. mirella

    Appreciation male x female artist collabs

    I love when female and male artists collab because of the contrast between their voices. :sanapray: My favorite right now is Cifika and Oh Hyuk's Momom. They have great synergy for sure. Although both have unique tones, their voices blend together surprisingly well. --- I also like Heize's...
  4. maruberry

    SM stations I need in my life

    There are some SM stations I REALLY need to happen! Paddings friends SM station - Gimme that Kai X Taemin X Jimin X Ravi X Sungwoon X Timoteo and whoever else they deem needed collab! NCT Dream x TXT - Babies with babies... nothing more to say! + I need to see how the ultra-innocent txt...