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  1. LilacNyx

    Comeback TRI.BE 3rd Single Album "LEVIOSA" Comeback [2022-08-09 6 PM KST]

    TRI.BE is coming back with their 3rd Single Album, Leviosa!
  2. LilacNyx

    Appreciation The Mermaids of 2022

    July is the month for the mermaids and I love this too much! Can't wait for WJSN and Chungha interactions next week (especially Chungha and Yeonjung cuz I miss I.O.I :pepecry2:) Support these mermaid idols this month :queen:
  3. Abeamus

    Do you like a song from your faves but don't want them to do it again?

    I find myself doing this with a couple of comebacks from my faves as I feel that their standard is higher than what they put out even if I like the song with Dun Dun Dance from Oh My Girl being the most recent example as while I can enjoy the song I think other songs like Remember Me, The Fifth...
  4. Abeamus

    Would you be satisfied with your faves last comeback?

    If they disbanded tomorrow would you be satisfied with the comeback they ended on or would you want another comeback to end on? :susPepe:
  5. Abeamus

    Are you good at keeping up with releases?

    I'm gonna have to give it a solid no for me :wimwim:
  6. Abeamus

    Do you usually like Japanese releases less than Korean ones?

    One thing I have noticed in my tournaments is that the Japanese songs always tend to do the worst with I think the only exceptions being like Memoria and Mister so I was wondering if just in general Japanese releases don't impress as much as Korean ones
  7. kuro

    upcoming comebacks of 2019

    starting on april first, many popular kpop groups like twice, bts, iz*one blackpink, etc. are coming back, so I am curious to see whose you're most eagerly waiting for, and whose is going to be a hit. some groups haven't released a lot of teasers or anything, so it's hard to judge for them, but...