1. NeoSquare

    Give advice to your favorite groups

    This can be directed to the company or just the groups themselves ANS Ent: Please give Bian another hairstyle instead of the ponytail. We don't want her to be the next Jojo Siwa. SM: You have pretty boys; use their visuals. Spice it up by letting them do another, more sophisticated concept...
  2. marublade

    If you could join any kpop company, which one would you join?

    Let's say that as of RIGHT NOW, you could join a kpop company. Any one of them will accept you, but you are not guaranteed debut. You will be like any other trainee. If you leave that one company or get kicked out, you are like anybody else too, no guarantees of being accepted at another one...
  3. Yseki

    Kpop Companies Are Weird

    But I think the weirdest has to be llgwang Group (Blockberry Creative and Polaris Entertainment). A arms dealer that also has girl groups 🤣. Like I wanted to be at that board meeting when they decided to enter the kpop industry, because I imagine that meeting was funny for some reason.