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  1. maruberry

    Why do a lot of people say JYP is the best company?

    I've thought about it for a bit and... how are they better than other companies? They show favortism, they obv. prefer GGs over BGs and let us not even GET into how they fucked up Miss A! They overwork their idols, what with Twice having 6 comebacks a year and Chan working through the night...
  2. maruberry

    If you could choose any kpop company and be guaranteed debut in their next group, which one would you choose?

    Which one would you choose and why? I would choose SM. Of course. I want the vocal training SM gives! I want the dance training aswell! Besides, if SMNGG will be their next big one as people assume, I get to be in the big one! And looking at how SM distributes the money to the idols, at least...