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  1. Abeamus

    What would you change your faves main concept to?

    If you had to change your faves main concept what do you think would be a good alternative concept for them? :susPepe:
  2. karinaknows

    What's your opinion on dual concepts?

    What's your opinion on dual concepts? Only two (girl) groups officially have it. Red Velvet and Cherry Bullet. Some people say that Blackpink has it as well but it was never blatantly confirmed by YG and other than AIIYL, they don't seem to have "pink" comebacks. Do you think that it should...
  3. maruberry

    What are your hopes/expectations for SMNGG?

    like the titles says! For me..... I think there is like a 0,00000000001% chance of this happening.... But even though I first said it as a meme, I would actually love for the group to have 3 members! As for concept, I would love a cute but creepy concept, maybe smth Alice in Wonderland-esque...
  4. maruberry

    A concept I want to see dreamcatcher do

    I just had this thought and now... I can't get over it... I need to see them in an Avril Lavigne-esque punk styling... Maybe school outfits with loose ties, Heavy eyeliner, coloured streaks in hair etc... I had this thought rn and I can't stop thinking about it! And not just a stage, I want a...
  5. maruberry

    Teaser ignore this

    Marko beat me to this
  6. GloriousHavoc

    What is the main concept of your bias group?

    I don't mean the cute/sexy/badass divide, but something more specific. Are there themes and motifs that keep reappearing from comeback to comeback? While rewatching Seventeen's MVs, I realized how much they reference the process of audio and video production: from writing, recording, training...
  7. maruberry

    A short and simple guide to NCT

    NCT's system really isn't that complicated! It takes a bit of thinking and when you get it, you know how it works. NCT - this means ALL of the members. If somebody just says NCT, they mean the whole group, all the 21 members! NCT U - This isn't really a proper subunit. This is for example for...
  8. RavenHikari

    18+ Suits.....

    A Concept that is the most superior in every way It is elegant. It is classy it is non-revealing yet it is so sexy. Idols In Suits Is My Everything. Throwback to 2014 where MBLAQ Be A Man Era where their concept was literally suits. :sj_weary: Then there are dance practices where idols...
  9. Abeamus

    Will the sexy concept lose its place as a main girl group concept?

    Many of the girl groups who released hits with the sexy concept are either possibly disbanding or already disbanded with Brown Eyed Girls being the only exception but they aren't exactly the most active group now. So do you think the sexy concept will lose its place as a main girl group concept...
  10. maruberry

    If you could pick SMNGG's concept, what would it be?

    I would have them be pure and cute, a bit like Gfriend and Apink used to be. Maybe add a little more mystery to it, like magic and fairies or smth like that. It's because: Twice rules the cute, but a bit sexy concept Blackpink has the girlcrush under their thumb Gfriend has the elegant...